What’s in a Stuf?

First, New Year’s Resolution = more blog posts.  In that spirit…

A few days ago, teacher of math teachers and all-around math dude Christopher Danielson posted an interesting argument with the conclusion that Double Stuf Oreos are not, in fact, stuffed double.  I’ll summarize it here.

Using the nutritional info on the packages, you can easily verify that one serving of originals (3 cookies) is 160 calories, and one serving of the Double Stuf variety (2 cookies) is 140 calories.  If we let w be the number of calories in a wafer, and f be the number of calories in one stuf’s worth of “creme” filling, you can set up the following system of equations:

\begin{cases} 6w + 3f =160 \\ 4w+4f=140 \end{cases}

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